Falling Back Together


Falling Back Together (Crashing, #2)

by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Expected publication: 2014

Falling Back Together is the sequel to Kristen’s debut novel, Crashing Back Down.


I could feel the reality starting to sink into my bones again and it seemed like Cali was feeling the same way. We were both kind of going through the same thing, our lives were completely spinning in directions we never thought possible with no emergency brake or seat belt in sight. I was ready to be grounded and to see straight again, but I knew the only person that could kick start that was hiding from me. It is a fine line that I was forced to walk between hating him for what he had done and loving him for the man he has become. There was going to have to be a point where I just moved on or obsessed so much that I broke. I was just waiting to see which direction my life was going to take me.


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