Book Feature: Giddy-Up Fairytale Cowgirl by Kat Ford

Posted on November 15, 2013


Giddy-up Fairytale Cowgirl

Giddy-up Fairytale Cowgirl

Kat Ford

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The book was released on November 1st, 2013. An ebook and coloring book are expected in December of 2013. The book was self published using Create Space.


“Giddy-Up Fairytale Cowgirl” is an encouraging tale about the importance of imagination, dreams, and conquering fear. “The words originally came to me in the form of a
song”, says Ford. With the help of husband, song writer and producer Craw NeQuent, the simple melody quickly bloomed. “When we were working on the song, I thought what a shame it was to not give life to the powerful imagery of the lyrics”, Ford says referring to lines such as “There’s a prairie in the stars, out past the Milky Way”. Ford, who is known for her eclectic Country Western meets Rock and Roll aesthetic with her company ‘Corpirate’, drew from a collection of nearly 10 years of work to create the imagery. Each illustration is a marriage of mixed media: water color, sculpture, drawings, tin art, even hand sewn creatures. The result is a world taken straight from a child like dream, where mermaids and unicorns go hand in hand with cowgirl hats and chaps.

The characters in the book hold an extra special importance for the author as she chose to use old family photos of herself, her mother, aunts, and grandmothers. “I feel very strongly about the message in this book, it’s not just a fun story about imaginary worlds, it’s about being brave enough to follow your heart”. This isn’t a new concept for Ford, a co-founder for the blog, she spends a lot of time interviewing dream chasers to encourage others to do the same. The spirit of the book can be summed up in one simple line: “I dedicate this book to all the girls who aren’t afraid to dream, but even more so, to the ones who are”.


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About the author:

Kat Ford is an American artist who specializes in mixed medium sculpture, tin art, costume design, and line drawings. Her aesthetic blends the worlds of Country Western and Rock and Roll infused with Latin American and American folk art.

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Give some credit:

I created the cover myself. It was the last step in finishing the book, so I was a little too willing to stop short of perfect. Luckily, my husband pushed me to keep editing until we got to the final draft, which I am very happy with. I also formatted the book, I had an exact way that I wanted it to look. I had close family members and friends proof read the final copy: Marion Richardson, Rachel Boquet, and Karah Woesner (thanks ladies!).

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