Book Feature: 2013: A Stellar Collection

Posted on October 25, 2013



2013: A Stellar Collection

by Oliver F. Chase, Val Vogel, Sorin Suciu, Raymond Vogel, Ryan Attard, Amber Skye Forbes, Shannon A. Thompson, Gregory S. Lamb , Ky Grabowski, Heather Lucie Hebert



This collection is intended as a tribute to the hard work and tremendous support these authors have given AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. in our first year of business.

The collection includes a short story from each of our first eight authors and, as a bonus,from two key members of our marketing team.

Since the stories and writing styles range so widely by genre, each is preceded by a brief note from the author. You can find more about their books in the last few pages.

Any proceeds gained from sales of this paperback will be dedicated to continuing to market these great authors and their work.


“My life wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t see any passionate reason to love it.”
― Shannon A. Thompson2013: A Stellar Collection
“Being a child sucked. Being a teenager was worse. And being an adult seemed so far away that I had a better chance at swimming the length of the ocean than growing up.”
― Shannon A. Thompson2013: A Stellar Collection
“Differences disappear when faced with death.”
― Shannon A. Thompson2013: A Stellar Collection
“With the smell so close, the ocean came into view only a few moments later, sometimes peeking between old brick buildings with bright blue eyes, other times peering for a lingering moment like long lost relatives seeing one another for the first time.”
― Shannon A. Thompson2013: A Stellar Collection
“I can feel the grip of lost lives beneath me, starved hearts hoping to escape their shadowy fates.”
― Ky Grabowski2013: A Stellar Collection
“the path is lost, and I’ve become part of the wreckage − another meaningless casualty.”
― Ky Grabowski2013: A Stellar Collection
“And the drops of rain. They are delicate, at first, their splashes graceful against pavement. Soon, though, the soft patter grows into a furious storm.”
― Ky Grabowski2013: A Stellar Collection
“I am not powerless.”
― Ky Grabowski2013: A Stellar Collection
“My heart, mind, and soul are spread out, carefully wrapped and filed in this child’s vault. They are my life − captured and displayed.”
― Ky Grabowski2013: A Stellar Collection
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