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Red Threads

By: Stacey J. Mitchell

Release date: 2013

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book Description:

Twenty-six-year-old Lily Robinson has her dream job in a museum, a great boyfriend, and is happy with her life – until the day she starts seeing red threads growing out of the chests of those around her.
That same day Lily meets a stranger who seems to know her and understand what she is seeing. Lily doesn’t believe him when he says she has a special ability, and it’s only when he saves her life that she accepts something very strange is happening to her.
Lily’s life is rapidly turned upside-down when she gets thrown into the world of fate and meets the beings who influence it.
Can she learn to control her ability to help herself and those around her who need it most?
Will she actually want to when she finds out what she has to do?

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Character Profile

Name: Lily Robinson

Age: 26

Occupation: Museum assistant.

Appearance: 5 feet 5 inches tall with a petite build, very dark brown eyes and short dark brown hair.

Personality: She has a tendency to be sarcastic and stubborn. Loves to laugh. Very loyal to those who deserve it.

Likes: History, yoga, Earl Grey tea, and reading.

Dislikes: Cooking and two-faced people.

Random facts: Lily’s favourite place is the beach. Always wears a necklace her friend Georgia bought her for her 18th birthday. Regrets not taking the chance to travel when she graduated from university.

Lily is the main character in Red Threads. She loves her job and her boyfriend, and she has great friends and family. Things are ticking along nicely for her—her life isn’t packed full of excitement, but then whose is?

Everything changes the day she starts suffering from what she thinks are migraines, which bring visions of red threads growing out of the chests of those around her. Soon after, she meets a stranger who seems to have all the answers she needs—but not necessarily the answers that she wants to hear…

Name: Aver

Age: Looks to be in his mid thirties.

Occupation: Fateliner, a being who helps humans to fulfil their fate while keeping their demons at bay.

Appearance: 6 feet tall and toned but not very muscular. Has bright blue eyes and dark hair which is peppered with grey.

Personality: Aver has a strange sense of humour and a short temper. He’s very laid back but sometimes finds it hard to shut off his emotions.

Likes: Learning about human culture and eating human food (even though he doesn’t need to eat).

Dislikes: Being told what to do and having to stick to the rules when he thinks he can do things a better way.

Random fact: Aver is actually immortal, but like all Fateliners he has one vulnerability- the demons.

staceyAbout the Author:

I am a tea drinker and history geek who lives in south Wales. I love reading, being outdoors, cooking, and stand-up comedy—but I don’t like bananas and insects.
I have been writing stories ever since I could hold a pen. I have a degree in Egyptology, and I love writing so much that I even enjoyed my university coursework.

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