Book Review: Hidden Falls by Ruthi Kight

Posted on August 16, 2013


Hidden Falls (Knotted Roots 1.5)

Hidden Falls by Ruthi Kight


The southern summer was back with a vengeance.
Helping out a friend was what Katy had in mind when she agreed to give Roxie a hand on the farm.
She expected it to be an easy job wrapped in the possibility of a break from her mother’s constant vodka stupor.
What she didn’t expect was to find him.
Brian spent his life in his brother’s shadow, constantly falling short of others’ expectations.
When he gets the chance to prove himself, he’s forced to decide if there’s more to him than just the mistakes he’s made.
The summer was supposed to be easy.
It was supposed to be fun.
But sometimes, when you least expect it…you fall.

My rating:


Really entertaining read! When the story started I thought it was going to be another boy meets girl, happily ever after, the end, type of story! The twists and turns made this turn into a complete page turner! I wish it was longer and I am hoping for a sequel because I really need to know what happens next!

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