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Posted on August 4, 2013


Beautiful story from a wonderfully talented author! Please read and help support this amazing cause!!

Brittainy C. Cherry

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure to share an interview with Author Brittainy C Cherry.  Today I was checking my news feed for my author page. And came across this status update:

So, here’s a small bit of personal information about me. In January of last year, I lost my grandma to her battle with lung cancer. She was/is my best friend, and her birthday is this coming Thursday. 

For weeks I’ve been talking to my mom, thinking of how to honor my grandma with my book release and I knew I wanted to donate to a cause…I just didn’t know which one. Until today. 

One of my favorite bands is Imagine Dragons, and my FAVORITE song is Demons, which relates to so many of my characters in The Space In Between and the spin-off novel The Space Left Behind.**I even posted about this song a few days ago on this page!**

This morning I watched the official video, and ended up crying like a baby at the end of it. 

Anywho, at the end is a clip of a young guy who passed away this year from cancer. Tyler Robinson–a brave, brave soul. And there is the The Tyler Robinson Foundation, which helps families fighting childhood cancer.

So I figured it out–that’s what I want to donate to! It just feels so right. Sooo when The Space In Between comes out on August 16th, 25% of all sales will be donated to The Tyler Robinson Foundation from Aug 16th-Oct 16h. 

I will make a video and take photos of the transactions so you all know that the donations are being made and post it here! 

Happy Birthday, Grandma 


So please help me support this amazing act of love and remembrance.  Brittainy is doing something amazing in beautiful to help give back and she deserve to be recognized and I am so thrilled to have been able to make her acquaintance through this amazing literary journey that Crashing Back Down has been leading me on!  So everyone, please mark you calendars for August 16th and purchase The Space In Between by Author Brittainy C Cherry.

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