The Hysterics: The wrong secret… Her POV

Posted on July 9, 2013


For the beginning of this love story; check out: The Hysterics! I promise you wont be disappointed and might end up falling in love with these two fantastic drummers!!

As I stood in my living room, breathing in Dane’s t-shirt with tears running down my cheeks, I could not help but be shocked he hadn’t bolted at my terrible mood switch.  I was a complete basket case and could not understand his arms still being wrapped around me.  I knew that if he let go my legs might give out, my mind swimming throw my terrible situation so quickly that all of my energy was completely zapped from my physical body.  I could feel my knees bulking and throat tightening while I clung to his black t-shirt for dear life.  It had all just started to be real to me and my situation and near future completely terrified me.

“Fallon, I’m not going to pry, but can I help you get to the couch? You need to sit and relax a bit…” His voice was low and sweet, with a slight hint of ‘I have no fucking clue what to do right now’.  Words were a loss to me and I stayed paralyzed, scared to move, scared that if I let go the only source of comfort I have would vanish into thin air.  Bending down and lifting my chin to make sure he made eye contact with me, Dane whispered, “I promise, I will not leave your side until you kick me out.”  He half-assed a cute grin and I nodded through the sobs.

In one swift motion I was in Dane’s strong tattooed arms, whisking towards the couch.  He laid me down with my head in his lap and he stoked my hair in silence while fumbling through channels until he found some dumb grown-ups only cartoon with a dumb-ass dad play-strangling his smart-ass son.  I chuckled a little at the stupidity of the show and was so thankful that Dane hadn’t been completely freaked out by my reaction to something as dumb as not drinking a glass of wine.  I know that it’s said that pregnant women are allowed one glass every now and then, but in my state I could not be trusted.  If that purple liquid slid passed my lips once, I was sure to down the entire bottle in one fell swoop.  Staying away from it completely was my only hope of not drowning this little problem away and I was not about to do something so selfish. My stomach churned thinking that abstinence was an ironic practice for me to learn at this stage of the game, but I figured better late than never.

We watched the rest of the show, laughing at good parts, Dane’s fingers lacing in and out of my hair ever so gently, completely relaxing me.  Once the ending credits started to play, I sat up and sat Indian style on the couch to look right at Dane, my knight in shining armor for the evening.  “Hey, thanks for not freaking out.  I’m just going through a little quarter life crisis I guess.” My voice trailed off and I had to break eye contact, I was not sure how much information I was willing to offer, or how much he was willing to listen to, either way this was not a good start to a first date, if that was even what this was at this point.

“Look, Fallon…” He made me look at him again, he was very keen on eye contact, which I really didn’t mind because his deep blue eyes were easy to stare into. “I haven’t had the best life either.  I know that people might have judged you in the passed, I wont. I promise.”

My face became questioning and my mouth opened a little, ready to start talking, asking about his choice in words, but I just shook my head, completely confused.  Why would he say that, does he know? Thankfully, Dane decided to be forthcoming and continued, “I know who you are Fallon.”  For the first time Dane did not look at me and a feeling of shock and panic spread like wild fire, tingling down to my toes.  How did my cover get blown?

“How long have you known? No wonder you wanted to hang out with me.  All the shit that spread about my ‘death’…” Ugh, I felt sick again, completely scared.  I felt so vulnerable.  I had come to Chicago to prove to the Indie world and to myself that I was more than just some coke head, rock star drummer.  I want more for myself.  This was not going to turn out good, I could freaking feel it in the pit of my stomach.