The last day of my blog challenge…Day 31: Why Do I Blog?

Posted on June 28, 2013


Today is the end of the 31 day blog challenge that I decided to do.  I have learned so much about my own bravery of sharing myself and opening up.  This challenge has truly shown me why I have this blog, and funny enough, that is the prompt for the last day: Why Do I Blog?

Well, I guess I started blogging just to have an place to post my writing.  When I started I didn’t even think anyone would want to read my stuff, let alone thousands of people.  I never thought that I would be here, writing at least a post every day, communicating with amazingly talented authors and being so supported in my craft.  I have blossomed into blogging for myself, just to be able to share my love and passions for not just writing, but life and love in general.  Thank you to everyone that has helped me come out of my shell and truly believe that I have talent worth sharing!

Take care everyone…and dont work even though this challenge is over, I have something pretty amazing up my sleeve for July! Hope you’re ready everyone! It was a great month, and its going to lead into something even more creative! 😀