Day 16!

Posted on June 13, 2013


Good morning everyone…I am coffee in hand, chomping on some egg whites and I figured I had a little bit of time to bang out today’s writing challenge… The top of my bucket list….

On my bucket list I have a lot of adventurous things that I want to do like white water rafting in Colorado, go to Oktoberfest in Germany, go fishing in Costa Rica, hike (at least part of) the Appalachian Trial…but the number one, the biggest adventure that I want to experience is becoming a mother.  I want to have children so badly.  I am now at an age that all of my friends are getting engaged, married and popping out babies left and right and I feel completely behind the curve on something that means so much to me.  I know that Michael and I will have all of those things in due time and that right now we’re still working on starting our careers and being stable enough to have a family, but that does not stop me from wanting to have a baby with every fiber of my being.  Yes, I am planning on waiting, but it is so hard!