Day 15! My timeline on this lovely Wednesday

Posted on June 12, 2013


Timeline of my day on this lovely Wednesday…

My days don’t typically vary too much during the week, so here it is:

6:45 am: Groggily wake up, get dressed, straiten hair and put a little bit of makeup on

7:00 am: Eat breakfast, watch the news, check my blog and twitter on my phone

7:30 am: Walk Diesel and say goodbye to Michael as he leaves for work

8:00 am: Show up at my parent’s house to check my blog, respond to comments, and try to get a little writing done before I start working

9:00 am: start working with my dad and help write up a few reports

11:30 am: eat a salad for lunch and check my social media stuff again…

12:00 am: get ready and go out on a few inspection in South Miami with my dad…we did three all in Homestead, a small house and two condos…I’m still shadowing my dad so I spend almost my entire day with him

4:00 pm: head home from South Miami

5:15 pm: get ready and go to the gym

6:00 pm: home, protein shake, shower, cook dinner for my parents

7:00 pm: go back into the office and edit my book

9:00 pm: head back home, crawl into bed, write this post

…I’m probably going to get some more editing done, try to write a little and then go to bed…I’m exhausted! Have a great night everyone! 🙂