Day 14! Winning the lottery…

Posted on June 11, 2013



Looking down at the news paper on Sunday morning changed my life forever. The smell of coffee wafting up from my mug while reading the paper on my sunny patio on this hot summer day seemed perfect all on its own, until numbers danced and collided inside my brain and started to register, I was holding a winning ticket. My heart started to race as my eyes scanned over the numbers at least ten times. Once it hit me that I was not imagining this, I shot to my feet and before I knew it I was banging on the door to the bathroom where Michael was showering, “Babe! Get out now, I have amazing news.”

Within seconds the door flew open and a look of panic was on my love’s face, “Kristen! What the hell?” Even though his hair was still soapy and water was glistening over him, I jumped in his arms and screamed, “We just won the lotto!”

The panic turned to confusion and then to elation as the news started to resonate in Michael’s brain, “You’re messing with me! That’s a sick joke!” Luckily, he was chuckling and I read the numbers to him from the paper while he held our ticket in his hand. We danced, screamed and celebrated right there on the bathroom floor, smiling and making plans of what to do first. We had always said that we’d pay off our parents homes and put a good portion away in savings, but then the fun conversation started. We planned on a trip to Costa Rica for fishing for black marlin, buying a better boat, investing in Mike’s brother’s business and getting our dream home. It was perfect, dreams could come true. In just one little moment, our lives changed and the possibilities of amazing adventures were endless.