My Earliest Memory…Day 13!

Posted on June 10, 2013


I really like this day…My earliest memory: (written as a little short from the POV of 2 year old me)

Sleepily rubbing my eyes, my mom coaxed me from my bed to come with her into the kitchen. It felt so late at night but she had forgotten to give me my medicine before daddy read my story. She held my hand gently, flicking on the bright lights of our light brown kitchen. Instantly, my eyes shut from the brightness, stinging a little. Tears started to form from tiredness and frustration of having to take the thick fluid that tasted like burnt cherries. Soon this would be over, I was almost done with the bottle of pinkish nastiness. I really didn’t understand why playing at school would make me have to take this terrible stuff, but mommy said it was because the other kids could have given me a scary sickness. I felt fine, but I didn’t know to question further. My mom picked me up and sat me on the cool counter. When she turned to the sink, a question blurted out almost as a sob, “Mommy, am I a big girl?” With a loving smile and kind eyes, she turned back to me with a spoon full of medicine, “Oh honey, you’re mommy’s big girl!”