Day 6! My 5 Senses:

Posted on June 3, 2013


I’m going to write a quick little blurb about a moment when my senses were completely alive and kicking…

Into the storm the boat turned.  The waves rocking and crashing, soaking the deck and sending chills deep down into my bones.  This morning had been hot and clear, but the low pressure system of the storm was coveted for catching fish.  Onward we went until the sound and feeling of huge rain drops were surrounding me.  Instantly, all of our clothes were soaked through and sticking to our bodies.  There were eight of us on the vessel and misery was on every face.  That is until excitement prevailed.  The sound of a hit line buzzed next to my head, as all the guys jumped into action to get the lines out of the water and the fish in the boat.  “Fish on” crackled into the stormy air while I cut thawed bait-fish and started to throw the chunks into the water.  Over the side of the boat a blue-green school circled and crashed the bait barely under the surface.  The smell of salt, rainwater and fish guts assaulted my nostrils in a surprisingly invigorating way while a thirty-three pound bull was gaffed and bloodied, being pulled into the boat.  Our once white open fisher was now running with crimson and soaked in victory.

As of right now, my five senses are pretty boring:

  1. Sight: I am staring at my father’s computer screen in our office/converted garage because my new desk top has not come in yet…I can also see the deep blue walls the and our hot water heater
  2. Smell: The smell is pretty neutral right now…I guess I smell the office? Which to me does not have a smell at all
  3. Taste: I just finished eating and the delicious flavor of extra spicy beef salad is lingering nicely…
  4. Touch: I am touching the keys as my fingers dance across them, typing out this post, along with the chair under my ass and my socked feet are resting on the wood floors
  5. Hear: I can hear my parents in the living room from the open office door, they just finished laughing at something comical in their show.

** Quick Note: Anyone who is doing this challenge with me, tag you posts with “Just For Fun Blog Challenge“…This way we can all keep track of everyone else’s posts easier! I really want to keep up with everyone, but my reader sometimes misses people’s posts and I am really interested in reading everyone’s selections! 🙂 **