Day 4! What am I most scared of!

Posted on June 1, 2013


Happy first day of June everyone! Hope it’s a wonderful month for everyone! 🙂

Ok so today is when I reveal my deepest, darkest fear… Honestly, I am completely afraid of being alone…meaning without a significant other. I am completely in love with my boyfriend and I am terrified to loose him. I have had multiple nightmares about him dying prematurely and it’s awful. I really am not capable of going too long single either. Since I was fourteen, I think I have been actually single for about six weeks max except for a year ago when mike and I took some time off for a few months, but I don’t completely count that because I feel like my heart was still has (to be realistic it has been since I was 14)… So there you have it, I’m scared of being alone.

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