Day 2! 20 facts about me!

Posted on May 30, 2013


1. I’m 5’1″
2. People never believe that I’m almost 25, mostly they think I’m 15…hopefully it will be a good thing later in life
3. I’m adopted, so technically I’m Brazilian but I feel like I’m Italian and Scottish because my parents are
4. I don’t laugh out load very often, even if I think something is funny and I have no idea why
5. I could not read on my own until I was in the fifth grade due to an auditory processing disorder
6. I’m incredibly insecure and have terrible anxiety in social situations
7. My favorite show is the Big Bang Theory
8. I stopped writing from the beginning of college all the way until this passed January
9. I love sitting and watch the fish in my boyfriend’s salt water tank that we have in our room
10. I get addicted to video games WAY too easily
11. I was the drummer in an all girl punk band for two years called Glass Eyed Fish
12. Unfortunately I can be a very jealous person and I wish I wasn’t
13. I have 6 tattoos, one if which I’m getting covered in two weeks
14. I suffered from extreme teenage depression and can barely remember any of it
15. I was a bartender for years and wanted to work in that industry as my career
16. I’ve finally woken up and figured out that real estate appraising is the perfect career for me (my first day in the job was Tuesday!!)
17. I still get nervous at reading out loud in front of people
18. My favorite color is deep teal
19. I’ve been on and off with my high school sweetheart for almost eleven years (but we’ve gotten back together completely, finally wanting the same things from life)
20. I’ve never been happier with my life than I am currently 🙂