Another of My Life’s Defining Moments

Posted on April 18, 2013


My little cousins never cease to surprise us! The sweet, innocent minds of children are truly remarkable. Our cousin passed away Apirl 12, 2013 and the kids (ranging in ages of 5-11) did this for Danny.

A tribute to a beautiful life and a wonderful family!

The dash lights were gleaming, lighting up my father’s warm face. It was strange how much it changed after we touched down in his home state. New York hadn’t fallen into my sights in years and never had been my home. But, strangely sitting in the back seat marveling at the strangle twinkle I’m my father’s eyes, I felt like it was something special. My mom’s voice cracked into my pretty picture, snapping me back to reality. This was not a vacation. What hailed us to my father’s birthplace was anything but pleasant, and chills slid down my spine as I felt choked by the heat pumping out of the air vents. Boy, you sure could tell my parents are Floridians! I’m uncomfortably hot; this was going to be a long weekend. {Continued…}

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