Sometimes all you need is a beer and cookie…

Posted on April 8, 2013


This weekend was not the greatest for me personally.  My family suffered a huge loss that I am not really able to put into words yet.  My heart is weighed down and my mind is a little foggy.  But, I am thankful for the simplest of situations that remind me to just breathe in the love and simplicity of the little, wonderful moments in my life.

Mike went fishing for most of the day on Saturday, giving me a lot of time alone to soak in all my realities.  I wrote a lot of none related things, played fetch with Diesel (Mike’s bull terrier) and watched mindless television.  When the guys finally got home from washing the boat, I was an emotional basket case, letting all of my sadness and confusion flow out of my body at the first sight of my wonderful love. {Continued…}

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