Posted on April 7, 2013


Ok this is the end
Where I lie down
And stop my heart
Because this beating
Is making it so I cant sleep
It tangles with your screaming
And rips me apart
Your goodbyes are tired
And tattered
Your I love yous are gone
You hold me
Watch as I fall apart
And don’t do anything
Hush now
Don’t worry
I will be fine
Scream now
And worry
Your world is leaving right before your eyes
Yes now it is over
Two years too long
Our hearts bleeding
From the battles of holding on
And the victory of letting go
This is where we write goodbye
And know it was never wanted
And this is where our last kiss was given
And this is where out last I love yous were said
Ok this is the end…
Where I lie down
And stop my heart