Rusty Heart

Posted on April 4, 2013


The uproar of revolution
Not finding that solution
Trying to finally become normal
Transforming this world into the informal
Knowing that it’s too late
Here is our ugly fate
Twisting our words into a war
And falling back onto the floor
Pulling out the defensive line
Knowing this will never be fine
You’re leaving us to die
Here is my tranquil goodbye
Walk out the door
Giving up on your adolescent war
Calling out your name
Are you going to take any blame
For walking away
There is nothing left to prey
Watching all of this turn to ash
Letting everything clash
Say what you will
This is just your bitter pill
You know this stings
Trying to fly on broken wings
The burns engulfing what we love
We used to fit like a glove
I hope that your wish comes true
Because that would leave something left to do
When will this be fixed?
As the solution becomes unmixed
We are up to our knees in this blood
While it blends with mud
Where do we claim free
Our four is now three
Good luck finding your way home
Welcome to your whispering dome
Destroying what we had
Somehow you seem glad
Killing our trust
Leaving it in the rain, letting it rust