Getaway: A Short Story

Posted on April 4, 2013


I can feel my body beginning to wake as gasoline wafts into my nostrils.  Reluctantly, I stretch my stiff muscles out of their scrunched position.  I let my eyes slowly open and adjust to the bright rest stop lights.  I look over to find the driver’s seat vacant, the door open and Rob’s jean-covered backside pressed against the backseat’s window.  I call out to him to find out what time it was through a raspy voice.  It’s shocking to me that it is five in the morning. Rob’s been driving nonstop for the last eight hours while I dozed in and out, still shaky for our abrupt getaway.

I look down to my arm where the bruising is starting to show from the crazy man’s grasp.  I shudder thinking back, it feels like years ago, not hours. I am so lucky that Rob found me in that hallway and that this bruise is the only sign I have of the incident.  Rob finishes filling up his old F250, slides into his seat and lets the diesel engine hum for a few seconds.  I smile at him as he takes my hand in silence, heading back to the high way. {continued…}

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