Posted on April 3, 2013


Red and black swirl together
Lining my heart
So much just doesn’t seem right
Then makes too much sense
The seams of us ripping
And me not doing anything about it
Pulling harder for this to break
Content with one last kiss
Knowing this is right for now
Twisting my words to make sure they don’t sting
Knowing the meaning will be found
And heartache taking you capture
I love you!
I’d be content with one last kiss
To know we had it all
Know we can get it back
Know it is never lost
But that isn’t going to happen is it?
I look down
Oh what a pretty ring
Two years in the making
Now being thrown away
One little flower
That’s all we had left
Well the last petal just fell
Waiting for your call
A haunting feeling of goodbye stabbing at my chest
This is our suicide
Pick up the phone
One big breath