My Nightmare: A Fictional Short Story

Posted on April 2, 2013


Gasping, I jolt awake again from a night mare. Sweating, shivering, tensing, I try to relax. I roll over to see the clock. Ugh, its three o’clock and I know I am going to be up for a while. This time it was bad. The imagines that have been haunting my dreams are getting more vivid, more violent.

I shudder when his warm skin curls around my body. I know he loves me, he wants to comfort me, but he does not know. I have never been able to bring myself to utter the words. A warm, husky voice coos in my ear, “Baby? You ok?”

Keeping my voice low and level I answer, “Yeah, just another bad dream that I don’t even remember.” With a swift peck to my cheek, Mitch is snoring again in my ear. I sigh with relief at this annoying, but comforting sound. {Continued…}

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