Posted on March 29, 2013


there’s a pain clicking inside my heart
keeping it locked away behind my lips
influenced by a secret hidden deep down from you
you think you know me I want to believe all the lies you know and trust
the words bleed from my mouth
and they are the poison
eating at my heart
as it
kills you slowly in my arms
I’m your killer
I’m your lover
this is a corrupt utopia
you call perfect
and I call hell
I love your smile
and how you’re always carefree
I hate what I do to you
take your world, twist it into sugar and spoon feed you bliss
when the reality is salt stinging your cuts caused by my claws

pure white getting turned into battle fields of red
running dry from our two day old duel
the flames getting blown out from your eyes
a birthday cake wish dying as you
give in…

Posted in: Poetry