The other side of fine…

Posted on March 27, 2013


her silence screams liar
but her words cry ‘I’m sorry’
her kiss says lover
and her blushing cheeks bleed ‘I don’t love you’
her touch pulls towards his staying
but her eyes long to see him to walk away
her smile fades into ‘this is not enough’
and her tears fall on ‘this was too fast’
her lips trembled with passion
but her hair blows in the other direction

his silence screams ‘I forgive you’
but his words cry ‘no you’re not’
his kiss says lust
and his blushing cheeks bleed ‘you’re not good enough’
his touch pushes towards the open door
but his eyes long to see her more
his smile brightens into ‘this is going well’
and his tears fall on ‘this is great’
his lips trembled with passion
and his hair blows in the same direction

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