Seven People I find Truly Remarkable

Posted on March 21, 2013


Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie has a very rare syndrome that has been undiagnosable by doctors. There are only two other women in the world that seem to have the same syndrome, showing how rare their situation truly is. The main symptom is their inability to gain weight or retain body fat. I know that to some people this seems to be a dream but, at 23 years old Lizzie only weighs 60 lbs. She has to continually eat throughout the day just to retain enough energy to do daily tasks.

Sometimes in life there are those people that really blow you away. Here is a list of seven of those extraordinary people that show you miracles can happen and that this world is truly an amazing place to live. I put this into the category of “Most Beautiful People” because to me this is a form of beauty.  These people’s stories have completely inspired me for a multitude of reasons and I hope they inspire you, too! {continied…}

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