Does limiting access to internet usage increase workplace productivity?

Posted on March 11, 2013


In today’s society, I feel like big brother is lurking around every corner. Being in his last semester of college, Mike has to write his every last thesis paper ever! I am under the impression that this is almost a rite of passage, so to speak, a huge mile stone that he gets to leap over. But, I have to remind myself that I love to write and he, on the other hand, finds writing to be tiresome.

His thesis is something along the lines of: monitoring employees’ internet usage during work hours does not increase productivity, but on the contrary decreases productivity. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. On one hand, I completely disagree with Mike’s argument, feeling that if people are not allowed to be distracted while working should keep them on task, in turn making productivity higher. Then, thinking about it a little more, there is almost a feeling of resentment that would go along with being watched. I think it just boils down to good employees will always have high productivity and the adverse is true for bad employees. {continued… }

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