Finally…I’m starting to be un-bloked

Posted on March 3, 2013


When I was younger (middle and high school age) I wrote “emo” poetry constantly. I always felt like I had to puke emotion out onto paper with my pen. Once I was dry heaving for words, I always felt better. I guess for the last few years I have been completely blocked, really not even feeling like myself. I am so happy that I have found writing again, in a way finding myself again. I am working on a novel, a bunch of short stories (both of which I was never successful at) and now this morning I relieved myself of poetry that was building up in the pit of my stomach. It isn’t long, or even that fantastic, but it is raw and my emotions and I am completely thankful. So please enjoy and hopefully more is to come. I will probably start putting up some of my poetry (of the ones that I have not lost over the years) as I get braver about sharing my feelings.
My fears tangle around me; boring into my skin
the dark bitter unknown
an eve is upon me and i try to strike the chord
my voice gets muted as screams do not escape
I am wrapped in a blanket of better disgrace
the longing is real, poking at my brain
the emptiness is thick as I try to break away
my eyes will open, light will emit
for there is always a way to break the darkness
my heart will have to admit
finally standing
a new day will dawn
just two more months of loathing
then it will be a rising sun

gingerly walking a thin line,
trying desperately to stumble onto the happiness
i keep falling back, and get up again
nervous, shaking, engulfed
breaking away has not been an option for years
the light is creeping in at last
i can feel it warmth burning my skin
it is here, the tipping point
there is no return
not even a tear shed, just a smile
perseverance stinging like poison onto me
it is time to embrace and let myself be happy once again

she runs to the window to see him still walking
tears screaming for him to stay
the smile on her face defies her heart as he looks up from the cab
she wants him near but is burned by his touch
she actions yell I hate you
but her pain sobs I am sorry

The rain pours onto him as he looks up at her one last time
His gentle wave says he’s ready for the break
but his mind begs to stay
His tears are hidden, knowing this is what she wants
His eyes blink back wanting her
and his smile shines good bye

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