The Cruise Ship Confessions: Part 1

Posted on February 23, 2013


(Note: This is the first draft...edits to come!)

Before I knew it, I was booking a cruise for Mexico with Cali. She and I had decided that since we both were single for this coming spring break that we needed take advantage of it. Our idea was to toss bygones to the wind and for one week not even mention our exes. As Cali put it, “We owed to our feature selves to have at least one drunken single adventure, q quest for beautiful penis with no strings attached!”

We packed out bags to full capacity, including every sexy piece of lingerie and skimpy bikinis we had in our possession. When booking with the travel agent, I made sure to get scheduled for the latest dinner and the cheapest room.

When we finally got to the port, I was blown away by the floating city we were about to board. This was both of our first cruises, even our first times leaving the country. The giddy excitement bubbled up into giggles while our bags were being checked by a handsome crew member with an amazing tan. Living in Florida gave us an advantage to most of the other passengers’ pasty white complexions, but we were nowhere near as sun-kissed as this gorgeous crew. Everywhere we looked, our jaws dropped open from sheer amazement. We were directed to our rooms and collapsed on our tiny beds, waiting for our bags.

Cali and I huddled together and snapped a few pictures of our beaming smiles, calling them our “before pictures”. Leaning over, sliding her arm around my shoulders, Cali giggled, “We have to wing man for each other for sure!” Thinking of proactively trying to score guys during our week-long vacation made my cheers burn bright and Cali laughed at me, “Awe come on we’ll get changed into our bathing suits and check out the deck!”

A few minutes later our bags arrived and we got down into our skivvies. We both redid our hair and makeup, making us into a knock out duo. Plucking the last stay eye brow hair, I looked at Cali through the mirror, “Let’s make this week one we’ll never forget!” I smiled as she nodded at me and we were out the door on our first adventure.

Exactly one month to the day ago my boyfriend, Randy, of over a year dumped me out of the blue, confessing that he felt smothered and needed space. Thinking back on how many tears I shed and how hurt I was, I grinned to myself thinking: I hope this is enough space for the SOB! Previously I thought I was going to marry Randall McManus, but I guess being only twenty, life has a few more curve balls to through at me.

Arm in arm, Cali and I wandered around the main pool area getting whistled at a handful of times before we parked at the main bar. Neither one of us was of legal age to drink, but it did not take long for us to be joined by a group of male spring breakers hoping to get lucky. Out of the four of them only two were even passable for good-looking, but Cali and I turned on the charm. Within a few minutes of talking, we all downed two shots of whiskey and had boat drinks in our hands.

The better looking out of the group was drooling over Cali and I couldn’t blame him. She was a petite, blue-eyed, natural blonde that knew how to bat her eyes and giggle flirtatiously like a pro. I wouldn’t say that Cali was prettier than me, but we were stark opposites other than our build, my almost black hair and dark brown eyes that match were a huge contrast. He kept asking where our room was and playfully we continually told him that we were not even close to drunk enough to omit such an important detail.

Before we had even booked our cruise, Cali and I laid out a few ground rules: no boys allowed in our room, no boy is to find out our room number, and unless we were about to score, we were to never leave each other. We decided that our rules were not very lady-like, but why couldn’t girls be just as shallow as boys?

After our boat drinks were done, the group of guys excused themselves, stating that they had the first dinner and needed to go freshen up for it. I sighed with relief when they left us alone, “Ugh, I hope the next group is hotter than this one!” Sliding off our stools, Cali took my hand to lead me toward the hot tub, “I think our luck has just changed!” She was practically giddy as she made eye contact with a handsome, blonde with perfect chest muscles getting into the hot tub right before us.

We slid into the steamy water, sandwiching the stud in the middle of us. With an amazing smile and bright blue eyes, I knew right away that this one was Cali’s. I let them talk mostly, chiming in only when Cali referenced me. Within minutes, we found out that Kyle was also a UCF student, was two grades above us and was in a fraternity. I was overly relieved when I realized that he was in a completely different one from Randy.

Kyle waved at a guy that could have been his actual brother. When the guy walked over, Kyle introduced him as his fraternity big brother, Kris. With a huge smile, he asked if he should go grab all of us beers from the bar. Cali and I giggled at each other as we thanked him. Leaning over closer to Cali, Kyle decided that it was his turn to play fifty questions, “So are you two Greek?” Cali and I giggled as I responded for us, “Yeah, we’re twins in our sorority actually.”

A husky chuckle came from behind me as Kris returned with our beers. Getting into the hot tub with us, his ice blue eyes locked into mine, “I never could understand how someone would ever want two littles to take care of at once, being responsible for one pledge is hard enough, let alone two!” We thanked him for the beers and agreed with him, Cali made sure to wink at Kyle when she bit her lip, saying, “Yeah, especially us! We’re handfuls!”

Kris got overly close to my side and slid his arm over my shoulders, “So what dinner do you pretty ladies have?” Figuring it really couldn’t hurt, I cuddled into his strong muscles and we figured out that we had the same dinner as they did.

The guys were on a fraternity spring break and insisted that we join their table at dinner. We agreed and continued to joke and get to know each other over our beers. After I took my last swig, I realized that with the shots, mixed drink and now beer, my head was starting to float. I nodded at my watch, which was Cali and my signal to each other and we excused ourselves, saying that we needed to get ready for dinner.

Both of the guys got out of the hot tub with us and wrapped fluffy white towels around us, making sure that we were joining them later on in the evening. Reassuring them that we wouldn’t stand them up, we started for our room. Cali linked onto my arm and chortled, “They were so freaking hot!”

Back at our rooms we rummaged through our luggage for our cocktail dresses. After modeling a bunch of them, we finally decided what to wear and took our showers. It was only six when we were done washing up, so I dug down into my bag for the water bottles full of clear rum. “Cali, where’s the Crystal Light? I think its cocktail time!” She agreed, tossing two packages of pink lemonade mix over to me. I filled out glasses with ice and rum, stirring in the powder until they were an appetizing bubblegum pink. Since dinner was at eight we decided to curl our hair for each other.

Over the next few hours we primped, drank, and giggled, wondering how the night was going to play out. Both of the guys we had met were seemingly nice and overly hot. Nerves flared through me when I noticed that it was ten til dinner time. We slid on our overly high heels and made our way to the main dining room. To our delight Kris and Kyle were standing together at the entrance way waiting for us. They both smiled and waved as we approached. Kris leaned over and half hugged me, leaving his arm around my shoulders to guide me into the hall, “Our table is right over here.” This was the first time that I noticed Kris’ light southern drawl, adding to his sex appeal to me.

We were greeted by four other very handsome fraternity men at a round table set for eight. They all stood while Kris and Kyle pulled out our chairs and helped up sit. I couldn’t help but notice that all of them were wearing nice slacks and long-sleeved button down shirts; it was impressive to say the least. Cali and I giggled at each other as Kyle went around the table to the other four introducing them as Rich, Calvin, Ryan, and Ross.

Talking with the guys was smooth and inviting. Since we all went to say school, we barely stopped talking long enough to order our surf and turfs and four bottles of wine. We drank and talked to them about their majors, which professors they loved or hated, who gave too much homework or the jokers who gave take home finals. Kyle and Kris did a great job including us in all of their conversing and made sure to keep the topics as PG rated as possible.

During my fourth glass of Malbec, I felt Kris’ hand slide up my leg very gently as he leaned over to ask what I would be having for dessert. We made eye contact when I told him that key lime pie was my favorite, and his smile thrilled me. It had been so long since I had been single and flirty and it felt great. Randy and my romance had started to feel cold and stale over the last few months, at this moment I could not help but think that breaking up was exactly what we needed (or at least I needed). I definitely needed some excitement and butterflies in my life.

Dessert came and went, as did the wine. Cali and I insisted on at least putting one of the bottles onto our rooms tab and after the gentlemen begrudgingly agreed, a rule had been broken accidentally. One of the guys with dark curls chugged; who was either Ross or Ryan, the wine was making all of the four’s names blur together; and then invited Cali and me to join them in the club for some after dinner drinks and dancing. Cali looked over at me with hopeful eyes and I had to say yes, there was something about Cali when she got that excited about anything that made me give in.

To be continued… Part 2 of The Cruise Ship Confessions coming soon!! =)

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